Ever popular and timeless oak doors and laminate floors offer a touch of class and have the inherent feeling of warmth that comes from natural wood. There are literally hundreds of oak doors and floor designs to suit any taste and style.

Can't find what you want in a brochure, why not go for a custom-made door to match your home style. Add something different like the rustic sliding gear to make it truly unique and maintain the overall look with a distressed oak floor.

Or go for an ultra modern look with a white oak floor 

  Engineered oak flooring is a great option for that real wood feel and appearance, and locks together to avoid shrinkage and movement.


Looking for real wood but not a fan of oak. Try walnut for a deeper, darker grain and a touch timeless elegance.

Oak sliding pocket doors disappear into a custom made partition and allow a wider opening space when fully open.


Borrow natural light from adjoining room with a 90% glass door. This one in oak goes well in a white surround to save cost and engineered oak flooring completes the look. 

Always warm, always welcoming. You simply can’t go wrong with professionally installed laminate floor.


If space is of the essence pocket doors can offer a practical solution with no sacrifice in quality or appearance as accessing this shower room show. 

Engineered Oak

Timless with a touch of class 

Engineered Oak

Always warm , always welcoming