Whilst every project offers its own unique elements these are some truly bespoke projects we've completed

Fitting this local bar with a unique design and components within the timescale was a challenge we met head on and completed.

Installing this mural in a local brewery presented some real challenges, not least of which was safe access and the expensive gin below. For scale there are 2 men in the basket of the machine in the middle picture. the mural measure at 8m wide by 9m high

Above, built in bi-folding wardrobes, with custom shelves conceal drawers and television


Below, Custom made white gloss panelled and mirror sliding door wardrobe

 Work from home and need a custom-made desk, no problem. This one was spray finished by Alan Donald with matt black for a furniture grade finish.


Amongst the many bespoke features in this project were the granite columns made from 25mm thick slices of granite form the original property adhered to the wall the cement pointed for the authentic look and the 6 coupled skylights allowing a panoramic view 


A custom made lift shaft and disabled lift provided access to the 1st floor bedroom and en-suite wet room

Hanging and spinning wood burner, shaped windows and custom made sliding door


Elongated lantern roof with sliding chandeliers and, diamond shaped mirrors and moulded columns designed around the supporting steel structure


Custom made extension to a local brewery with wall to wall wet wall for easy clean and fitout purposes. Ready for the brewing equipment